DHL sponsoring Thien An

On behalf of the kids of Thien An we thank…

Red River Foods becomes structural supporter of Thien An

In 2017 Red River Foods started to operate a cashew…

Taking care of the kids at Thien An

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New school on poor countryside of Vietnam

From the community of A Vuong, Tay Giang District, Quang…

School in Than Hoa, Long An opened

In August 2016 we opened a school for poor kids…

New school in Long An Province

A new school for poor kids is on the way!…


Pleiku is a quiet town in central Vietnam, located in the nation's Central Highland region. It is the capital of the Gia Lai Province; it is inhabited primarily by Kinh or ethnic Vietnamese but also by large ethnic minority groups like the Bahnar and the Jairai, sometimes known as the Montagnards.

Due to its fertile soil the Central Highlands are covered with large coffee and rubber plantations. Not so long ago however the area consisted mainly of large forests and was inhabited by several ethnic minorities who for centuries long have lived from hunting and fishing.

Because of their century long isolation all minority groups like the Jairai have their own language and culture. Many of them live nowadays in small communities in very poor villages wedged between the plantations. It is needless to say that these people need all the help they can get to keep up with the inevitable developments and progress in Vietnam.

Only education, to start with the learning of the Vietnamese language, will enable the minorities to assimilate and become part of the contemporary society.

  • Rice field around Pleiku
    Rice field around Pleiku
  • country side around Pleiku
    country side around Pleiku